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this is for ANYONE who loves the Sonic the hedgehog series.
A clean, healthy society for sane Sonic fans to come together and be in a Sonic Sanctuary. :heart: :heart:
Here, we post true Sonic art, make new friends around Mobius, and love Sonic and each and every Fan-character! We also talk about our hopes for the games!
We don't have ship wars, recolors, R-18, or cringy Sonic art that the community of the fanbase has been accused of.
Join the resistance!! here's the strike system
here are the rules
In the group itself


So, these are the rules on inviting people.

1. They MUST be a Sonic fan. No haters allowed
and 2 . They must have a modest profile. i will NOT tolerate anyone who makes... cough cough... mature or just disturbing content. That's not art, its wrong, end of story no exceptions

Here are the rules on submitting

1. Must be modest. No suggestive, overly violent, hateful things, just no...
here's what i mean
no s#x
no french kissing, or licking in a s#%ual way, can be cute like a puppy or kitty
no on bed things. they can be sitting, but no seduction, kissing in a "dirty" way, no s#x obviously
NO FETISHES!! This includes (cringe) giant/ess, on a leash, etc. GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE IS OUT THERE
concerning violence, no abuse!!! Boy or girl can defend the other with small wounds tho. There can be fight scenes, just as long as no innerds r spilling out
2. if it is a couple, sigh, this is kinda my opinion kicking in but, ppppllllleeeeeaaaasssseeee make it cute, silly, or romantic and not disturbing and will offend someone. This goes to.... Yuri and Yaoii, none of that please
3. MUST BE SONIC!!! Do i really need to say that, yes, yes i do.
4. Please, if it is supposed to be sad, don't be overly dramatic. Make it subtle. And DO NOT post ANNNYYYTTTHHHIIINNNGGG concerning suicide
5. Must be your own work! If you post something that is not yours, just don't...
6. If it is a story or fanfic, please let it be your own. And please don't insert content that i have mentioned up here.
7. NO SANIC! I swear, that drives people insane! Including myself, no Sanic. Sonic, not friken SANIC HOREHEG!
and 8. Have fun with your art, make it colorful, or abstract, or laugh enducing, or engaging. It makes it fun for everyone!

And finally, speaking

only one rule
it is wrong, and i know people can talk it very personally, speaking so for myself as well.

Anyways, have fun!!
thank you!!
Founded 7 Months ago
Dec 8, 2016


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Fan Club

76 Members
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these groups r cool 2!
rules for affiliation
1. can ONLY be Sonic or Anime (exception, DA justice)
2. can be a specific thing like Sonamy
3. the main focus or majority of art CANNOT be Yuri, Yaoii, or hentai!
and 4. they must be an active group










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Think i'll join this group. That is...if you guys will let me in. You will, right? Pleeeeeeeeeease. (Puppy eyes)
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Imtheaura Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017  Student General Artist
Thanks for inviting me!
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